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Annie and Dixon

​I met the Human two years ago when she came to the farm where I was born.  I will admit, I am the better looking of the litter so I understand full well her instantaneous attraction towards me. 

When she sits, I place my paw upon her lap.  She leaves it there as she understands that she is my Human.

When she opens the back door of the shelter that she lives in, my heart beat quickens as I know that she will be whistling for me.  My ears tingle because I know that a good, deep rough scratching will shortly occur.

​I am the Keeper of this family of two legged beings.  I take this responsibility with great Honor and Pride.  I bark at anything that I deem an adversary, birds, leaves fluttering, the wind.... SQUIRREL

When we have been alone, the Human has spoken of the issues in this world that bother her.  She has a deep concern for the quality of life that her  offspring will have to endure unless changes occur.  It is my Duty to aid her in the tasks ahead.    
Based in Indianapolis, Annie Berdel is a self proclaimed advocate of educating women in the art of personal protection and self reliance.

As an aspiring writer, Annie took her advocacy and dove into the dystopia genre with strong female lead characters. 

 A passion for firearms, herbal medicine, knives, slingshots, home canning, Kali street fighting, Kempo karate and furry animals fuels the fire and adds countless stories to be told beginning with her inaugural book “Alpha Farm, The Beginning”.

Mother, business professional and bibliophile,  in her spare time, Annie likes to stretch the boundaries of survival in a Post Apocalyptic scenario.

Wanting to leave The Big Blue Marble better than she found it for her children and grandchildren, Annie is always learning, always loving and always looking for ways to help people become self reliant and better prepared for whatever may come.